Saturday, July 24, 2010

For (Indonesian) Fashion's Sake


I'm in Indonesia again, people. I was just mixing up a few drinks the other night at Blü Martini for a fashion show featuring the work of local designer Kleting Titis Wigati. Yeah, I know her name's a mouthful, but besides designing cool clothes, she has over a few thousand followers on Twitter, which is a few thousand more than you have, so stop snickering. They wanted something unique, a bit different—and so I gave it to them.

Here's one of them. I call it BB-Me and it's a twist on a madras—made with vodka, cranberry and orange marmalade mixed with crushed ice, specked with cranberry gelée, and finished with a carbon dioxide rosemary fog.

BB-ME: click for larger image

I'm off to Viet Nam next, but wherever you happen to be sipping, do it slowly. Enjoy.

Jakarta, Indonesia

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